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Breakup Recovery: Intensive Healing in 5 Weeks

Course Summary

Whether you are recovering from a divorce of many years or a breakup of a few months, this program provides an empowering, evidence-based, action-oriented approach for you to feel better, faster by healing through the five stages of Breakup Recovery. As you work through the stages in the coursework, you gain the self-awareness and skills necessary to heal and resolve the effects of relationship endings, including depression and anxiety, angry outbursts, resentment, codependency patterns, limiting beliefs, insecurities, self-berating, isolation, self-medicating and other maladaptive coping behaviors. This program also provides an opportunity of a lifetime to learn self-therapy methods and emotional health skills to process through even the most excruciating emotions and triggers. Detox shame and resolve regrets. Calm your nervous system to increase 'feel good' neurochemicals like oxytocin and serotonin. Rebuild your self-worth and confidence. Improve your ability to create secure, loving relationships. IMPORTANT: The course is available to begin on your own and provides a cost-effective way to heal. However, I encourage you to schedule a session with me, or another therapist, at any point during the coursework, to ensure you are getting the guidance and support needed to navigate painful emotions, triggers, self-criticism and other symptoms that may arise.



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