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lack of 'self,'


self-fulfillment group

more than a support group...

an educational, emotional health skills-building group!

Do you sense something is missing from your life—that there’s an emptiness you can't describe? Are you repeating the same mistakes and behavioral patterns over and over? Do you find your life has lost its meaning—relationships, work, joy?


Feeling 'stuck' in this mode can be distressing and incredibly painful. This group provides a platform to overcome the complexities of codependency, anxiety, depression, self-love deficiency, and lack of fulfillment, with a multifaceted psycho-educational approach.


Group support and connection is also ideal during the devastation of relationship turmoil, including divorce, heartbreak, dating, loneliness, and narcissistic abuse recovery. 


Discover groundbreaking self-therapy methods, including mindfulness practices, inner bonding, guided meditation, somatic experiencing, NLP practices, CBT and DBT skills, healthy relating skills, and more. Recover, learn, process difficult emotions, and feel begin to feel better.


​​Understand your attachment style, maladaptive protective strategies, fears, and self-sabotaging behaviors. Realize what is getting in your way of creating the relationship you desire. And regain a sense of 'Self' and 'purpose'.

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12 realistic GOALS & results

calm lady 2.jpg

Feel Balanced and Fulfilled with a Strong, 
Secure Sense of 'Self'

In The City

Feel More Connected to 
Yourself and Others, with Healthy Boundaries


No More People-Pleasing. Over-Giving and Codependency.


Mindfully Choosing Wise Responses to Triggers, Rather than Reactivity   


Empowered by Emotions, Instead of Emotions Overpowering You


Depression, Avoidance, Disassociation, and Apathy
Are Things of the Past


Clear Direction of What Matters to You. In Tune with Your Genuine Values


Realizing Results of Self-Compassion, Over Self-Berating or Self-Indulgence 

inner critic 2.jpg

Your Inner Critic is Now an Inner Coach Under Your 
Self Leadership

cleansing 2.jpg

Cleansed Resentments, Regrets, and Maladaptive Behavioral Patterns

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Feel an Overall Sense of Calm and Ability to Ground Your Anxiety and Fears

Creative Agency

Consistent Access to Higher Cognition, New Ideas and Creative Potential

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