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with Self Leadership and NeuroEmotional Health Skills

Discover and Experience How Emotional Health, Self-Worth and Relational Health are Inextricably Intertwined

Do the Work, Feel Results

​"I just wanted to say thank you. It is wonderful... for the first time in my life, I am seeing and feeling healing!!!!"


Educational. Empowering. Transformative.

Repeating painful patterns? Experiencing insecurities, conflict, reactivity, anxiety, resentment, depression, a sense of neediness, emptiness... even feeling unlovable?


It's not you. It's your lack of skills to navigate modern day stress, relationships and finding a sense of purpose.

Let's upgrade your skills, self-awareness and self-worth with Self Leadership (IFS), a leading-edge, empowering psychotherapy and skills-building method for emotional health skills. Learn to navigate emotions and triggers, calm your nervous system, understand your wants, needs and boundaries and learn to communicate with confidence to create secure relationships and overall well-being. 

A woman in her twenties who keeps getting disappointed by 'situationships' and longs for a real relationship and family

A man who keeps sabotaging his relationship with patterns of angry outbursts but loves his girlfriend

A woman in her fifties who's been dumped after thirty years of marriage and has lost her financial security

A man in his forties with a successful career but keeps failing at finding 'the one'

A married professional woman who loves her husband but can't make her patterns of jealousy and anger go away

A single mom going through her fifth breakup post-divorce and feeling devastated and self-critical

A gay woman in her thirties that keeps picking emotionally unavailable women and feeling heartbroken

A man in his sixties who feels painfully abandoned by his wife after she filed for divorce

A woman in her forties going through a breakup after a seven-year engagement and wants to start dating

Increase capacity for love, trust and relationship

Self Leadership Oversees Your
Three NeuroEmotional Systems


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  • Nowadays, most of us lack self-awareness, Emotional Health Skills and Self Leadership of our thoughts and reactions, so we end up with an UNDERDEVELOPED SOOTHING SYSTEM much like an atrophied muscle!

  • We have over-activated Threat Systems (due to Inner Critic and connection starvation, without knowing how to get our genuine connection needs met)

  • Along with Unaligned Drive Systems, without purposeful, personal value-aligned, direction

  • Results in chronic nervous system activation stress, anxiety, ADHD, self-berating, depression, a sense of running on empty and detrimental health impacts to our mental, physical, emotional and relational health


More Than Talk Therapy

"Truly grateful for all you have done for me. I can feel such a shift. I have had dozens of therapists throughout my life, but have never felt more valued and understood than while working with you. Thank you for helping me live my now empowered life."


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Rather than traditional talk therapy or passive listening, I actively engage with collaboration, creativity and solution-oriented skills as we navigate your inner world, limiting beliefs, maladaptive protective strategies and relational experiences. I utilize non-pathologizing Self Leadership (IFS) for transformative outcomes for complex-PTSD, anxiety, self-sabotaging, insecurities, codependency and relationship distress - even if you've been stuck in painful patterns for years.

Examining New Tablet


Imperative coursework to start today or to align with sessions. I offer two self-paced programs, Creating Self Leadership and Creating Self Leadership in Relationship. Couples are encouraged to do both. Through intensive courses, you learn evidence-based, tangible skills to process painful emotions, navigate relationship distress, and wholeheartedly connect with yourself and others. Guide your healing today, while learning empowering skills that improve your life forever.

Confidence and Self-Worth

"Thank you for all your help over the past several weeks. I am a totally different person because of you. You have definitely restored my self-worth and pushed my confidence to move forward with my life."


Why Self Leadership?

Self Leadership involves your ability and responsibility to be in Wise Mind so you can observe, process and guide your beliefs, behaviors, emotions, triggers, maladaptive protective strategies (like perfectionism, procrastination, codependency, reactivity), needs, wants and other parts of your inner world. As you strengthen your Nervous System and Emotional Health and build your Soothing System you are strengthen the 'muscles' through neuroplasticity to able to mindfully choose responses rather than react, clearly communicate, navigate the big stuff, heal from hardships, breakthrough addiction, realize self-worth, create wholehearted relationships and more.

Portrait of a woman thinking dreaming has many ideas looking up at plan isolated on gray w
Self Leader
Emotional Health

Self Leadership Oversees Your
Emotions and Nervous System



Inner Healing
Creating Balance Within 

Step-by-step process for breakup recovery

Cleanse regrets, shame and resentment

Resolve insecurities, loneliness, inner-berating

Build boundaries, self-worth and confidence

Achieve self-connection, self-discipline and self-love

Heal relational trauma and complex-PTSD

Process painful emotions and triggers 

Remedy Emotional Self-Neglect (ESN)

Align with your values and sense of purpose  

Breakthrough codependency and love addiction

Relationship Healing

Creating Balance in Relationships 

Mindfully respond to triggers instead of react

End enabling, caretaking and enmeshment

Learn to speak your Unarguable Truth

From resentment to clear expectations

Understand your wants, needs and limits

Feel seen, heard, valued and respected

Resolve conflict and create agreements

Capacity to connect, love and trust

Build balanced boundaries and protection

Remain out of the Dreaded Drama Triangle

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Why Emotional Health Skills?

Experience the profound benefits and fulfillment of working with your emotions, instead of self-medicating, depressing, maladaptively reacting or getting overwhelmed by them. 

Emotions are not just 'in your head' they are full body neurochemical and hormonal experiences that not only impact your physical health, but influence your thoughts, sensory processing, perceptions, focus, mood and behaviors, along with your ability to feel calm, enjoy life real-time and connect with others.


Over time, emotions and your reactions to them - intentional or not - create your choices, personality, your relationships, your Self and your entire life story. Gaining Self Leadership and making your emotional health an intentional practice, rather than unintentional reaction, helps you create the you, you want to be, and the life you want to live.

Make Love Possible

"Staying out of the Drama Triangle and communicating my genuine wants and needs saved my marriage. My husband just wanted to love me but neither of us knew what that even meant. Thank you for making love possible."



My Credentials

My life's work is to empower others with Self Leadership, Emotional Processing and Relational Health Skills. I've mentored thousands of clients through depression, anxiety, addiction, divorce, codependency, self-loathing, insecurities and complex-PTSD. As a passionate learner and compassionate counselor, I have earned:

  • Master's of Science in Professional Counseling (MSPC)

  • Master's in Human and Organizational Behavior (MBA)

  • Certified Relationship Coach 

  • Best Counselor in Scottsdale Award, 2019

  • IFS-Informed Therapist (Self Leadership), IFS Institute

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)

  • 40+ years in life so far ;) 

  • 10+ years of experience

  • 22 certifications and trainings in mindfulness, CBT, DBT, EMDR, CFT, ACT, meditation instruction, somatic embodiment and nervous system regulation

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Inspiration and Support

"I feel so lucky to have found you as my expert guide. I wouldn’t have found my way back to myself without you. Thanks for your inspiration and support."


Couples Work

Self Work
Self Leadership in Life

Guide your thoughts, emotions and behaviors

Cleanse regrets, toxic shame, and resentment

Resolve anxiety, insecurities and inner-berating

Build boundaries, self-worth and confidence

Remedy Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN)

Heal heartbreak, complex trauma and depression

Mindfully respond to triggers instead of reacting

Strengthen your Soothing System for more calm

Align with your values and sense of purpose  

Couples Work
Self Leadership in Relationship

Create agreements together

Mindfully respond to triggers instead of reacting

Create connected, loving, trusting relationships

End codependency, enabling and enmeshment

Resolve conflict with ease

Learn to speak your forthright, Unarguable Truth

Transform resentment into clear expectations

Understand your genuine wants, needs and limits

Feel seen, heard, valued and respected

What to Expect

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Begin healing with evidence-based practices, emotional processing, self-forgiveness, guided meditations and more with Heart Break Recovery

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