Heal from Your Relationship Ending with Love Loss Recovery

Evidence-based Practices, Video Tutorials, Calming NeuroSensory Exercises and More

Whether recovering from a divorce of many years or a breakup of a few months, this program provides an empowering, evidence-based, action-oriented approach for you to feel better, faster by healing through the five stages of Love Loss Recovery.


Navigate the stages of love loss recovery, S.W.I.R.L. while building the awareness and skills necessary to heal and resolve the effects of relationship endings, including depression and anxiety, anger and resentment, codependency patterns, self-berating, isolation, self-medicating and other maladaptive protective behaviors.

The course is available to begin on your own and provides a cost-effective way to heal. However, I encourage you to schedule a session with me, at any point during the coursework, to ensure you are getting the guidance and support needed to navigate painful emotions, triggers, self-criticism and other symptoms that may arise.