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Free Breakup Recovery Course w/ Session

Intensive 5-week program to start today.

  • 50 minutes
  • Video Session

Service Description

I offer this course for free so you can start working towards feeling better right away. Whether you are recovering from a divorce of many years or a breakup of a few months, this program provides an empowering, evidence-based, action-oriented approach for you to feel better, faster by healing through the five stages of Breakup Recovery. As you work through the stages in the coursework, you gain the self-awareness and skills necessary to heal and resolve the effects of relationship endings, including depression and anxiety, angry outbursts, resentment, codependency patterns, limiting beliefs, insecurities, self-berating, isolation, self-medicating and other maladaptive coping behaviors. This program also provides an opportunity of a lifetime to learn skills, self-connection methods, emotional health skills, and more, to process through even the most excruciating emotions and triggers, detox shame and regrets for self-forgiveness, calm your nervous system to increase 'feel good' neurochemicals like oxytocin and serotonin, rebuild your self-worth and sense of lovability, while also learning relationship health skills to uplevel your confidence and ability to create secure, loving relationships. IMPORTANT: The course is available to begin on your own. However, I encourage you to wait until your scheduled session if, at any point during the coursework, you feel you are needing guidance and support to navigate painful emotions, triggers, self-criticism and other symptoms that may arise.

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