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  • Self Leadership

    Creating Self Leadership, Intensive Self Work in 12 Courses
    • Acceptance Work
    • Stress Type and Triggers
    • Inner Critic Work and Limiting Beliefs
    • Emotional Health Skills and Regulation
    • Mindful Self-Compassion and Self-Worth
    • Inner Child Work and Self-Love
    • Balanced Boundaries and Connection
    • Clear Communication and Unarguable Truth
    • Security and Loving Relationships
    • Desire Mapping
  • Breakup Recovery

    First session is prepaid with immediate access to coursework
    Free Plan
    • Intensive 5-Week Program to Heal from Divorce and Breakups
    • Evidence-based practices to process painful emotions
    • Video tutorials and calming neurosensory exercises
    • Resolve regrets, shame and resentment
    • Create balanced boundaries
    • Rebuild your self-worth and confidence
    • Align with your values and sense of purpose
    • Increase capacity for love and trust in future relationship
    • Breakthrough toxic attachment patterns
    • End codependency, enabling and enmeshment
    • Remain out of the Dreaded Drama Triangle
  • Couples Work

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